You mentioned “stamping”.. Why don’t you apply a “stamped” overlay? If you cant rent a stamp, you can buy a small texture mat for under a $100. Or you could make you own for probably $50..

Home depot now sells a polymer that can be mixed with cement and silica sand to create a blend that is trowelable, and stampable at 1/4 – 3/8″… It is a VAE, or vinyl-acetate ethylene.. basically the same polymer used by many of the overlay material manufacturers.

Mix designs are basic, and installation is fairly simple for small areas.. you just need a drill/mixing paddle, bucket, trowel, silica sand (play sand will work), cement (and color if you want), and the polymer.. it is the concrete adhesive.. not the acrylic (blue, not red) comes in gallons and quarts and you can find it in the concrete section at Home Depot.

You can buy powdered release for color, or use oderless mineral spirits (sprayed on) as a liquid release..
Just do some research.. you can find sites out there that detail the application.